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Products that Empower Over 1,000,000 Users

Our web services and clients combined are more than some people’s yearly page views. We take care of each and every customer/user and hence have decided to have a portal to provide support for the community we have regardless of a free or paid service.


A Note From Our Founder


The Services Section

The services section is made for the people who use our Web Services, Android Applications, IOS Applications, Windows Applications And Who Attend Training At Our Partner Centers. If your question falls in one of these categories then please use the services section. If we find any irrelevant topic updates on our “Support” section your hudavaqt Forum account will lead to a complete BAN.


The Support Section

We have developed a help portal for the customers who use our custom paid services. We hope everything you post is on point and we ensure the best support to you. Please use only the Support section to post important information but limited to information which might leak your data.

Donate To Us!

We have a complete line-up of useful services and applications which are available across several different platforms. To be honest, we have put in a lot of time and effort to keep everything secure, easy to use and most of all free ( 70% of all our web and cross-platform services are free of charge ). Although we put ads on some of our services the revenues don’t really generate much income as per the service quality we provide hence we have now set up a donation page where users who are happy with our services can easiely donate any amount to us to show love. This will help us create better and more reliable services and we hope you have the best experience with us.

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